Reliable packers and movers: frauds and extortionists

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For those in Bangalore, stay away from them, and beware of the rep there. He will tell u tht u can pay 50% in cehque and remaining on delivery of goods. But once all packing is done and loaded, he will ask for 80% cash. Else will confirm delay of delivery.

Once your stuff reaches the destination, they ask u for the complete amount 24hrs before you can get the luggage, else they refuse to deliver or hand it over. If you are sending the car, they insure it, but in the reciept term it as risk, and on any loss or theft, they do not cover it under insurance. They assured me that all my luggage had reached, but when it came, the car was missing and DISPITE having the car paper xeroxes in their hand, they said they were not aware of any car with the luggage. The refused home delivery of car and we had to go and collect it from the godown (60kms from my house). They refused to hand over the car as well unless the whole payment was made minimum 24hrs before delivery in cash. The car came much later than the luggage, and in the meanwhile, noone knew where it is. The bangalore ofic says it is the the delhi godown. The delhi ppl say it is yet to come.

Packing-wise as well, they manhandle luggage and stuff everything in boxes. Folding cloth and wrapping glass is an unknown concept to them. CDs are thrown in cartons to ensure breakage. They do not pack everything in house even if it is kept right in front of their eyes trying to save their packing material. No professionalism. They keep listening to music and radio in full volume if no male customer is around.

The labourers who come while unloading are very rude, and mistreat women. If any girl says anything, they tell her to keep her f****** mouth shut and let them talk only to men, gesture as if they will slap her and keep constantly staring at them.

While unpacking they left most of the luggage in the boxes depite having paid them unpacking charges. They do not get any screwdrivers and other tools to assemble the furniture such as futton, study table etc, which they had earlier dis-assembled for packing and assured me that they would re-assemble it.

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